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As many of you know, this week was the WORLD PREMIER of The Fab7: How to Love Getting Dressed.  I am so crazy balls excited to bring my very own fashion baby into the world and share it with all of you.

First I want to thank everyone who braved the snow and cold to come to Hamptons Coffee Company Coffee Experience Store for the presentation.  I think everyone came away with a few nuggets to apply to their own wardrobes.  The live webcast was also a miraculous success and I thank those of you who tuned in on Livestream as well.   We’ve had a great response and already people are scheduling their first FabInjections!  Click  here to learn about the New Client Special!

 In case you missed either one—don’t worry!  I am having the video edited now and will have it up on the website soon!

The story of the Fab7 and what it can mean for you:

I’ve have been helping people learn to express their best selves through their clothes for, oh,  pretty much my whole life.  I’ve done my time at the mall, in department stores, for an evening dress designer, for a celebrity stylist.  And on my own I’ve styled for live morning television, web features, fashion new programs, and news networks and of course lots of plain ol’ busy private clients.

I moved out to the Hamptons about a year ago and I realized that my city clothes didn’t really work out here.   Me, a professional wardrobe stylist with a lifetime of knowing what to wear, was at a loss when getting dressed.  I was confused.  The difference in lifestyle from NYC to the Hamptons threw me for a loop.  Suddenly I was no longer confident in my clothes—I didn’t “own” my look.

Well, I got really sick of that feeling after about a week so I decided to approach my closet as if I was my own client.   While I was doing that I began to sift through every piece of advice, every rule, and every fashion instinct that I had collected over the years.  In the interest of better serving my clients better I narrowed it down to 7 key principles.

I thought wow—you know, this is some really good stuff.  I bet I could help a lot more people if I wrote it down and shared it.  So, here we are!  I give you The Fab7!!



If it’s confusing now, don’t worry.   Over the next few weeks I will be explaining everything here on BlogInjection. There will also be workshops for each of the steps, and finally a book sometime in the fall.  Woohoo!

The thing about The Fab7 is that these are not hard and fast fashion laws.  They are not trend oriented, not designer label oriented, not “what not to wear”.  I don’t have a list of basics that “every woman should own” because everyone is different and has a different wardrobe life.  I, myself, never wear black pants but I find they work for a lot of my clients.  The Fab7 is based more on how your wardrobe makes you feel.  It’s about half nuts and bolts stuff and half internal awareness.  

My mission is to make your wardrobe work for you and by learning the Fab7 you will be well on your way!


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