Speak Without Saying a Word

As most of you know, this weekend I am hosting 2 Fab Workshops. Check them out below and be sure to RSVP.  I’ll also be doing a livestream broadcast from both workshops.  Check our Facebook Page or Twitter for the link.

It’s a Fab, Fab Weekend 

I was brainstorming with a friend over chai tea lattes (yep you read that right) on how to make these workshops more meaningful for my audience. How could I really help  people empower themselves through their wardrobes? I started stripping (heehee) away at what clothes really mean to me and why I do what I do and realized its all about communication. Rawr!  Let’s hear it for COMMUNICATION!

What is this guy saying to you right now?
Body Building Pose

You’ve heard of body language right?  It is nonverbal communication: the gestures, postures and facial expressions we make that help us to influence and judge others. Those interactions prompt what happens in our own life. Click here for an amazing TED talk by Amy Cuddy on the subject. 

I believe that before we have any interaction at all we have an opportunity to influence our situation: enter Wardrobe Language.  We all have to wear clothes.  Your Wardrobe Language happens even before your body language.  What you are wearing can instantly influence any situation. Studies suggest that approximately 83% of our learning occurs visually.  When someone is meeting you for the very first time, this could mean that 83% of they learn about you is what they see: primarily your clothes! WHOA!

This is where I come in. I find that lot of people misrepresent themselves by not knowing how to use their wardrobe to their best advantage.  I believe that if your wardrobe doesn’t reflect the essence of who you really are you are keeping yourself from attracting opportunities to live your best life.  What’s your wardrobe language telling the world??

This bitch means business.

What you are wearing is literally the first thing your say; your visual handshake. Research has also shown that people retain 65% more of a presentation when given with visual and oral cues.  Your wardrobe is the visual aid in the presentation of yourself.  Make them retain YOU.

That is what these workshops are all about. Empowering you to develop your very own Wardrobe Language so you leave a lasting impression, long after you’ve stopped talking. Think of the Fab7 as your very own wardrobe toolbox and let’s get to work.

Can’t make either workshop? Click here to get your free Fab7 video, with lots of  information you need to develop your very own Wardrobe Language.

Do you want to stop wasting your time and money on clothes that don’t work for you? Could you use some style guidance or a closet co-pilot? Are you ready to use your Wardrobe Language to tell the world about your amazing self? Click here to contact me and schedule a free 20 minute phoner!


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