Closet Cleansing for Life

This week I started –then stopped– my warm weather closet switch. I thought I was doing pretty good through March. I managed not to whine too much about the harsh, freezing, numbing, freezing cold winter that Mother Nature put us through in the Hamptons. After all, I spent most of my evenings in front of the wood burning stove,  I have many nice coats and boots, and I can still walk on the beach whenever I want. But there is a limit to what this native Floridian can stand and when I woke up Wednesday to a sugar coating of snow I was less than ecstatic.

My spring bin has been sitting at the foot of the bed for 2 weeks now. Come. On. Already. It’s beginning to resemble a treadmill in the bedroom: a great novelty for a while and then it just becomes a place to put clothes and towels. Not good. Especially for those afflicted with Mess Blindness and living with a Neatnik.

 I’m going to dive in this weekend not matter what. Promise.

I love the spring seasonal switch because these are the clothes I feel most comfortable in. I find it so easy to feel beautiful in the warmer months. Lots of skin is on display and having that  breezy  magazine life is as easy as dropping a sundress over my head. The spring closet cleanse gives me a chance to imagine what I want my summer life to be and to start creating it. I try things on with fresh eyes, style new outfits and envision myself living that magazine life. Cue the wardrobe montage!

 As you do your switch this year remember that your clothes really say a lot about who you are. Your Wardrobe Language is the first word you speak before you open your mouth so really make sure it is saying exactly what you want.

My first piece of advice is  Figure out the bra situation. It is tempting to go braless all season long especially on the weekend or in the evening.   As a rule if you are bigger than a b cup make sure you have some type of support. Do a jiggle test and be honest—is the effect a pleasing little jello wiggle (ok) or full on boob juggle (no way)? Check for outside and inside boob cleavage.  If it is part of the design, pick one side and keep it to a hint. Then use your topstick to keep it in place. I’m not super modest by means but side cleavage can get sloppy real fast and that is not cute.  Finally, nipples are not an accessory.  Check this very carefully and act accordingly.

Probably the most difficult part of THE SWITCH is knowing what to toss. Most of my clients call me because they have difficulty deciding this very thing. So I mulled it over and came up with some guidelines. If you can’t decide whether or not to pitch it this is a good list to hold it up to.

 Toss it if:

«There are deodorant stains on the pits. This is just gross.

«It’s from before you had your baby and your baby is now 3 or older. Honor this new life you have. You can be a hot mom!

«You haven’t fit in it for more than 2 years. Even if you lose the weight, you will want something new and fabulous not something on its way out of style.

«You wore it in high school and you have now graduated from college. It’s time. You are a grown ass woman now.

«It reminds you of a negative experience. It’s not fair to yourself.

«Keep it if:

«It almost fits. If you are just slightly above your normal weight give it till the end of the season. Get rid of it then if it still doesn’t fit.

«It reminds you of something wonderful.  I have an old cardigan that belonged to Grampa Mantione that I will never get rid of.

So, those are my guidelines.  As usual there are no hard and fast FabInjection laws here, except for the boob stuff.  It is really about getting in touch with how something makes you feel.  When you take the time to consider that, and are mindful of your Wardrobe Language, you will start to attract that magazine life you’ve always wanted!

Want an expert eye to tell you if you’ve got too much side boob? Do you want to stop wasting your time and money on clothes that don’t work for you? Could you use some style guidance or a closet co-pilot? Are you ready to develop your own Wardrobe Language to tell the world about your amazing self? Fill out the form below to schedule a free 20 minute phoner!


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