Giant Bags of Mostly Water

Star Trek: The Next Generation Wall Art


Science Nerd Alert:  One of my favorite  Star Trek Next Generation episodes is  “Home Soil” in which the crew comes across a life form that resembles sand. There is havoc being wreaked on the ship and no one knows from where.   In due time the terraforms open negotiations by addressing  the crew as “giant ugly bags of mostly water”. Naturally, it is Data who says that yes, they are addressing humans. We are up to 90% water.

My friends laugh because my favorite advice for many ailments is to “drink some water”. But I’m usually right—in fact one woman is consistently told by her doctor that she is quite healthy except that she is slightly dehydrated. It’s no secret that staying hydrated can make your skin look better, flush out toxins and keep your brain functioning at peak levels. Yay water!

Welcome to My Blog Water CRYSTALS with Masaru EMOTO
In the 90s Japanese author Masaru Emoto did some experiments on the crystal structure of flash frozen water. He found that when he labeled containers of water with negative thoughts or words, the crystal structure became irregular. He also found that water  labeled with loving, positive thoughts had a crystal structure that resembled beautiful pristine snowflakes. Now, there are plenty of scientists who think this is a load bullcrap and the nerdy half of my brain sees a bazillion holes in these experiments. But the spiritual side thinks HELL YEAH!

FabInjection is participating in Hamptons Wellness Week this spring and this really got me thinking about how what we wear can affect our wellbeing. Obviously there is the “looking good is feeling good” aspect of wardrobe which I advocate every moment of every day. But what if we treated our clothes as Emoto’s labels for the containers of water that we are? Wouldn’t it be nice to think that we have beautiful, regular, snowflake crystals floating around instead of polluted gross shapes? That maybe we can affect ourselves not just on the outside, but on the inside, just by Dressing with Intent.

Whether you want your crystals labeled or not, what you are wearing does have an affect on you and the people around you. When you make your “label” a thoughtful message to yourself and the world you are going to have more positive interactions. You are going to attract more opportunities.  It’s the same as getting a spa treatment, going to yoga or nutrition counseling. You are communicating to those around you that you care—for yourself and them.

The process of Dressing with Intent comes easier for some than others.   You don’t have to be a Devil Wears Prada editor to get it right.  Here is a mistake proof process I use with some of my clients to help get you started.

  1. Consider what you have coming up that day and how you want to feel.  Beautiful? Courageous? Sexy? In charge?
  2. Find an item in your closet that makes you feel that way.
  3. Build your outfit around that item and keep it very simple.  No more than 2-3 garments and no more that 4 pieces of jewelry.

If you are starting from scratch, don’t worry.  The idea is to get used to dressing mindfully.  If you start your day this way, it is going to have a positive influence on the rest.  Consider this: What do you want your label to say?

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