Good Under Where?

Vintage bra ads - Photo 16 - Pictures - CBS News


The 6th element in the Fab7: How to Love Getting Dressed is Good Under Where? Yes, I’m mentioning unmentionables. When it comes to intimates I have 2 different routes I like to go—Joan of Arc and Freaky Frenchie Girl.

Joan of Arc is the kind of bullet proof bras and underwear that act as your first layer of armor. It makes you feel strong, and in control. Think of how your grandmother looked in old photos—everything was smooth because it was held in place rubber undergarments, girdles and slips. These days we have T shirt bras, seamless underwear, body smoothers and shapers. It stops bulges and jiggling and helps your clothes slip nicely over your shape. It’s great for when you need to dial down your sexy meter or at least your jiggle meter.  It’s not meant to be seen and really no one besides you should ever see this stuff.

Freaky Frenchie Girl is lingerie. Say it with a French accent. When I say it this way my shoulders do a little shimmy and the last syllable ends with one shoulder up, a cocked eyebrow, and a little pout. Try it—you’ll see. This is the frothy, lacy delicate things that make you feel like the sexiest woman on earth. In the movie of my life I wear this kind of underwear every day. It’s meant to be seen by your luvahh.  Maybe the rest of the world might get a little peek—black lace under a white blouse, a bra strap that becomes part of the outfit.

Every girl needs both kinds. There are days we need to go out and lead armies and there are days when we need to feel like hot bitches. I just love being a girl!

Let’s talk bras. 80% of women are wearing the wrong size! Come on!!! Please, please, get a real bra fitting from a professional.   I like Orchard Corset on Orchard Street in NYC. The shop is small and a bit dingy but the woman there is a bra genious. She sends you behind a curtain to take off you shirt. She comes in, does a Robocop analysis on your tits and then brings you your perfect bra. Do not argue with her. I have seen women go in a 34C and come out a 32DD. Who knew? That’s how it works, people!

Here are some fitting tips if you want to double check your own:

  • Your bra is too small if you have a baby butt coming out of the top. This is not cute unless you are Captain Kirk’s green skinned alien girlfriend.
  • Your bra is too big if there is any space at all between your boob and the cup.
  • When you are buying a bra the band should fit quite snugly on the last hook. It will stretch over time.


My good friend Rebecca Szymczak from Bex NYC Intimates recommends always trying them on (over a thong for sanitary reasons) when you are in the store. Sizes vary a lot and “underwear that cuts into you and creates a muffin top that wasn’t there to begin with it’s the worst feeling EVER”. She also recommends giving your panties some love (not in a creepy way) by cleaning out that drawer about once a month.

What you put on before you put on your clothes could be the most important decision of your day. This is where you truly start Dressing With Intent. “It sets your tone for the day”, says Rebecca. “If you put thought into it and choose pieces that make YOU feel empowered and sexy, that energy will translate to every encounter throughout the day.” It’s the part of your Wardrobe Language that you whisper.


Do you need a bra whisperer? Do you want to stop wasting your time and money on clothes that don’t work for you? Could you use some style guidance or a closet co-pilot? Are you ready to develop your own Wardrobe Language to tell the world about your amazing self?  Do you want it for FREE?  You are in luck! I’m giving away FREE 30 minute FabVirtual sessions!  This is your chance to work face to face with me for FREE! Let’s log on together and get your style on track so you always look the part! Simply fill out the form below and type FabVirtual in the comment section to get started!


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