The Guilted Edge


When I am working with someone,  this a common underlying theme. No one ever comes out and says it but it is there like an invisible current that manifests itself in the closet.

During a closet session, someone may be in front of me in their underwear (or less) for several hours. You can really, really, really, really get to know someone in very short time this way. When you are working so intimately with someone, you get to witness many things that no one else gets to see. This is the reason I changed my approach to styling—from nuts and bolts wardrobe stuff to really encompassing the whole person.

When you feel you don’t deserve something, guilt happens. Does any of the following sound like you?

  •  You buy lots of cheap items at discount stores and then wear only a fraction, if any.
  • You have heaps of clothes that you are no longer wearing but haven’t gotten rid of.
  • You feel pressure to wear the latest trend and spend way out of your comfort zone, only to realize the thing will never work for your lifestyle.
  • You avoid wearing something you love because someone said something negative about it to you once.
  • You are waiting to lose weight, or gain weight, before you buy or wear something nice.

 This particular brand of wardrobe guilt comes up because you are allowing outside forces to determine how you feel. That is the thing you don’t deserve! You deserve to open your closet and know that every piece in there flatters your figure and expresses your personality. You deserve to not care what anyone else thinks and wear what makes you feel your best. You deserve to find out what that is!

I once made a woman do a 2 hour fitting in a pair of skinny jeans because she felt didn’t deserve to wear them. She felt guilty that she wanted to be sexy. She felt she her ass was too big and that people would think—whatever, I don’t care. By the end of the fitting her eye got used to seeing herself in the jeans and she began to see her brand of beauty. She wasn’t entirely convinced that she would use them in her life but, when she wore them home, her husband couldn’t wait to tear them right off her. And that, she did deserve!

Are you ready to let go of your closet guilt and have the wardrobe you deserve? I want to help you do it!  Click here to schedule a FREE appointment with me!



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