The Amazing Disco Purse of Awesomeness


Every year when Father’s Day comes around I am reminded of the great influence my Dad has had on my life. Yes, there is the Hallmark commercial stuff of hanging shelves, taking apart an old engine, and the airplane: hold your child by the hand and foot and proceed to spin around and around and up and down until the child pukes or starts crying.   But this year a memory bubbled up and I realized that my dad has more to do with my style life than I thought.

I wanted a purse for my 7th birthday. I had many things to put in the purse:  all of my birthday money, feather hair clips, now n laters, Barbie shoes. I was 7 and it was time. So, my mother sent my father and me to Zayres to pick out the birthday purse. I didn’t think this was such a great idea. How could Dad know how to buy me a purse? Did he even know what a purse was? I was going to have to be a grown up and pick out my own purse. So, I put on my terry cloth romper and black patent leather big girl shoes that made the lady tap tap sound and went to Zayres with my Dad.

 In the store for some reason we separated, or rather, I left Dad in my taptaptap Roadrunner dust wake. I went directly to the little girl purse section. There I found the perfect purse that went with absolutely nothing. A shaft of Florida sunlight shines through a dusty window on candy apple red patent leather. A trapezoidal frame with twist closure. A little handle for Red Riding Hood and Queen of England fantasies. The satisfyingly sticky sound of my fingers on the  patent leather in the late summer humidity.

 Confusingly, I found Dad in the grown lady purse section. I proudly held up my little red purse pot o’gold. This is the one I want. I’m 7. It’s a good purse for when you turn 7. Dad laughingly says to me, “That’s not the one you want. There’s the one you want.”

In my head I hear “bad girls…..’talkin ‘bout ba-had girls”. Behold: the ultimate SaturdayNiteFeverScarfaceFlashDance purse. A reversable(!) drawstring disco pouch. Sleek black satin on the outside, cool gold leather on the inside.   Already I knew I would never put the gold on the outside (too much). It could be worn on your shoulder or in swung around in your hand. It was completely impractical and inappropriate and went with nothing I owned. In my dad’s words it was slick. One moment I was a little girl feeling very grown up making my own purse decision, the next I was the dancing queen in my own movie with my own soundtrack. Yes, that is the purse I want.

I remember my mother not loving the idea of me having such a grown up anything. In fact it was several years before I was allowed to be seen in public with the thing. When I finally did incorporate it in to my outfits, I felt a certain amount of awesomeness attached to me. The disco track would play in my head and my confidence would skyrocket—a very good thing to encourage in any girl. Thanks Dad!

Are you ready to find your very own disco purse of awesomeness?  I’m here to help you!  Click here to schedule a free wardrobe strategy session with me.

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