My most rewarding client experience

This week I had the tremendously rewarding experience of not recognizing one of my clients. A busy restaurant at sunset.   “Well, hello there,’” she says to me expectantly. “Hi!” I say thinking I will recognize her any moment. The seconds tick by, she and her companion looking at me. Finally I have to tell her I have no idea who she is. “It’s me, Kimberly*!”  Embarrassing overreactive shrieking on my part, but she looks absolutely AMAZING and 1000% different then when I last saw her. In fact, earlier in the evening I admired her outfit thinking, wow, that woman really knows how to dress for her body type. She is wearing her confidence like nobody’s business. I just freaking love it when that happens.

The last time I saw Kimberly was a few weeks ago. We were in her closet up to our necks in old clothes that didn’t fit, ponytailed hair, and style confusion due to a recent change in body shape. After a few hours I left her in her underwear with a large pile of donateable clothes, a practically empty closet and her personalized FabScription.

 Below is a quick breakdown of her FabScription:

  •  You are beautiful and deserve to feel beautiful now, not 10lbs from now.
  • Most, if not everything in your closet should fit you and make you feel amazing and confident.
  • Body features to enhance: great legs, great cleavage
  •  Body features to camouflage: thick waist
  •  Ideal shapes bottoms: Show off your amazing legs! skinny jeans and leggings, above the knee skirts
  •  Ideal shapes tops: open necklines—wide v’s especially, tops should be slightly shaped and skim the body.   To tight or too loose will draw attention to the problem area.

I get pee-my-pants excited when Kimberly emails me photos of her recent purchases. She now shops with focus, not fear, confident in knowing what will bring out her true beauty. She’s aware of old style habits and working hard to break them.   Going into her closet is a joy now since everything in there works for her and her lifestyle.   I’ve become a little style voice in her head and it is good.

Everyone deserves to have this love kind of affair with their closet and I want to help you achieve it. Click here for a free wardrobe strategy session with me!


Carmen Adriana

 *Name has been changed

I’m Carmen Adriana.  With FabInjection, I help FIERCE women everywhere create their most powerful look they can rule their world in style!  Find out more information at



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