A QuickFab Style Guide for Manly Men and the Women who Love Them

Manly men

Lately, when I’m in the closets of my fiercest women clients, a common question they ask me is, “Do you do men?” It seems that there are a lot of ladies who are putting supreme effort into communicating their awesomeness by creating their own wardrobe language and their men are not quite keeping up.

 I do have men clients. In fact, I began my career at man central–ESPN. I find that most men want to look stylish, but don’t know how and don’t want to think too much about it. I’m here to tell you (with love) that it can be done. That there is a middle ground between stuffy suit and tie and boring jeans and polo. I’m giving all you men out there permission to look amazing for us fierce ladies and I’m going to tell you how to do it in 5 simple steps.

 There is one rule that applies to both men and women and that is:

Do not try to camouflage extra weight with bigger, baggier clothes.  This does not work.  It can look sloppy and actually adds bulk.  

 1)   Lose the pleated pants immediately.   Really, there is no excuse for this now. This is not 1992. I promise you will find a pair of flat fronts that fit.

2)   Just try the more modern jean. It’s been my experience that manly men are uncomfortable with any type of fabric touching their thighs and um, other things. This causes them to purchase the “dad jean”. It’s high waisted, long butt-ed and the legs are wide enough so nothing is touching anything. Unless you are doing heavy physical work, you don’t need these. No need to go full Karl Lagerfeld, but just something a little slimmer will do. Ladies do like to see your tushies.

3)   Just try the slim fit shirt. Same concept at step 2.

4)   Find 2 good sport coats–1 blue and 1 grey or brown.   Subtle patterns are ok. No, you cannot just use the one from your old suit.

5)   Now, put this all together: flat front pants or modern fitting jeans, slim shirt and sport coat. Voila—your new look.

*bonus points for a pocket square

This is a look that can go pretty much anywhere in our 2014 dressy casual lifestyles.

If this got your style wheels turning and you want more help, or you know a man who might like some help I’m here for you! Click here to schedule a free wardrobe strategy session with me!

more manly men

 Much Fierceness, Love and Fabulousness,

Carmen Adriana

 PS: Here are my favorite places to go for manly menswear is Rothman’s in NYC.


I’m Carmen Adriana. With FabInjection, I help FIERCE women (and men) everywhere create their most powerful look they can rule their world in style! Find out more at www.FabInjection.com or click here book a free wardrobe strategy appointment with me now!



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