Giving Back is the New Black


Every week I have an opportunity to give back in the most amazing way. I deliver Meals On Wheels to homebound residents of East Hampton Town. Here’s my secret: I do it as much for me as I do for them. You see, nothing makes my heart as buoyant or the corners of my mouth turn up so much as ringing the doorbell and shouting out “Meals On Wheels!’” Every single one of those clients is happy to see me. Some days that’s dozen people—all looking forward to seeing me! Talk about a confidence booster.

Several years ago my own grandparents received Meals on Wheels. My Aunt Mary was caring for them and it was a huge relief to not have to shop, plan and cook 3 meals a day in addition to working and caring for her own family. So, not only do I get to take care of my deliverees, I get to take care of their families as well. 2 for 1 do gooding! YES!

This intense joyfulness stays with me all day. It is similar to the joy I feel when I am styling someone. I get such a rush when someone clicks with their image in the mirror. When they start to talk about possibilities of their look instead of what they dislike about their bodies. When they start ruling their world in style. Sometimes I do a happy dance.

If you want to experience the Carmen Adriana happy dance in your closet click here!

I am crazy passionate about both of these parts of my life and this weekend I am combining them! Please join me at the Patricia Del Castillo boutique in East Hampton for a Fall Harvest Shopping Party and Meals on Wheels fundraiser. The new collection is a gorgeous locally made treasure. I will be there to style anyone I can get my hands on. There will be yummy snacks!

Who: Carmen Adriana and Ana Del Castillo of Patricia Del Castillo Boutique

What:  Fall Harvest Shopping Party and Fundraiser

When: Saturday, November 1,  2-6 PM

Where: Patricia Del Castillo Boutique, 37 Newtown Lane, in the Breezin Up corridor

To donate or volunteer for East Hampton Meals on Wheels call: 631-329-1669

Much Love and Fabulousness,

Carmen Adriana


I’m Carmen Adriana. I help FIERCE individuals rule their world in style! Find out more at or click here to book a free wardrobe strategy appointment with me now!


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