On Confidence and Curves



A few weeks ago I posted this picture of myself on my social media. The response from my followers almost broke the internet. I post a lot of wardrobe tips, cute dog photos, and behind the scenes shots and not one of those posts has ever come close to the response I got from this. I’ll take half the credit because it is after all, me with no airbrushing. The other half I’m giving to Lidia Karras of SHAN Boutique here in East Hampton. Why? Because through some magic only she can perform, Lidia was able to size me up through my clothes and hand me the perfect swimsuit for my body.
I come from the Gulf of Mexico, the land of sunshine and teeny weeny bikinis so it was not easy for me to wrap my mind around a one piece. See my earlier post on this subject here. But as soon as I wiggled into this suit my inner pinup girl came bouncing out, all smiles and confidence.
My business is dedicated to helping women feel exactly this way all the damn time. That is why I am teaming up with Lidia and SHAN boutique this Saturday to host a resort wear fitting Paaaarty!

SHAN Boutique
3 North Main Street, East Hampton
2-6 PM
Refreshments provided by Montauk Juice Company

SHAN is world famous for having a brilliant fit. That means everything stays where it’s supposed to. Woohoo. And the fabrics are Italian! Double woohoo! There is also a complete collection of dresses and separates for every resort occasion. Lidia also stocks men’s suits and separates. So this season on your trip south there is no reason for you to pack that tired old swimsuit you wore this summer. There is no reason to wait until you get to your destination to buy a new one. Come to SHAN this Saturday, have a great experience and let your inner pinup girl walk out!

PS—I’ll be giving away a free life changing styling session to one lucky person. There will be other fabulous giveaways, too!

PPS—Can’t make it this Saturday but want to let your inner pin up girl out? Click this link and let’s talk!


I’m Carmen Adriana. I help FIERCE individuals rule their world in style! Find out more at www.FabInjection.com or click here to book a free wardrobe strategy appointment with me now!


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