A Lesson in the Classics



This Thanksgiving I took an incredible once in a lifetime trip to India with my oldest and dearest friend. It was life changing and mind-blowing and we laughed a lot.  Of course what I am always on the lookout for, besides cows, monkeys and thousand-year old forts are the clothes. What did they wear in the past? What are they wearing now? The answer to both questions is a sari.

Well, holy camoly! These women were like exotic birds or butterflies going about their daily business in kaleidoscopic saris. No matter what they were doing: teaching a class, sweeping floors, mixing cement—the women were beautifully draped in the most gorgeous colors. 100% elegant 100% of the time.


This was really important to me for a few reasons. First: The sari is 5000 friggin’ years old! It transcends all fashion trends and in India is appropriate every damn place you go. It is the ultimate fashion classic and it perfectly reinforces what I try to teach my clients. Having a closet full of the newest, latest and greatest is not always best. But having a closet full of carefully chosen classic styles ensures you will go about your life always looking great and always feeling great about how you look.

I have a certain dress that I bought several years ago who’s pricetag was a little uncomfortable for me. But I bought it anyway because I loved it and I knew it was a classic. Some of you may have seen me in it—a simple short sleeve navy blue crepe dress with pleating on one side. Like a sari, this dress is a classic.

But how do you know when a thing is a classic? When is it worth the investment? Although it would make me sooo happy, it is very impractical to go around in a sari all the time if you are not in India. I’ve come up with 3 simple questions for you to ask yourself when you are hemming and hawing over something for your own wardrobe.

  1. How versatile is it? Can you wear it almost any time of year? Will it go with at least 3 things already in your closet? Can you see yourself wearing this in at least 3 different situations? I wear my blue dress to almost constantly when I really want to really show up.
  2. Is the shape simple? An investment piece like a great dress or the best pants ever should be simple and fit you perfectly. This will ensure that you will always reach for it because it makes you feel so good. My dress is super simple—a high neckline that makes a great backdrop for every necklace I own, a short sleeve so I don’t have to worry about showing off my guns.
  3. Is the color fairly neutral? Black , grey, navy, camel. These colors never go out of style.

The next time you are shopping and love and item but don’t love the price so much put it up against these questions to help make your decision.

Much Love and Fabulousness,

Carmen Adriana

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I’m Carmen Adriana. I help FIERCE individuals rule their world in style! Find out more at http://www.FabInjection.com or click here to book a free wardrobe strategy appointment with me now! 


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