Office Paaaarty! 17 Tips to keep you looking and feeling Fab this season!


I went to a huge fancy holiday party earlier this week and it got me thinking.   I love to be among a group of people who are all putting in effort to look the part. I love that many people step outside their everyday work personalities and show a more relaxed and merry side of themselves. Naturally, because I am who I am, I observed and filed away lots of ideas that I could bring to you.   Here are 17 nuggets that will have you enjoying yourself all through party season.  

Tight dress? Yes!

Short dress? Yes!

Tight short dress? NEVER!

Side boob? NEVER!

Booty? Yes!

Cleavage?  Yes but no more than an inch or inch and a half. The bigger the boobs the smaller the cleavage should be.

Cropped top? Yes as long as there is just a slice of skin showing, not your whole damn belly.

Spaghetti strapsYes! If the straps keep falling down even here are a few things to try.

  •  When you shorten the straps have the back part of the strap moved toward the   center of your back slightly. The v shape will be more secure on your shoulders.
  •   Use Topstick. Place a strip on either side about an inch below the top of the dress. This will allow for more natural movement of the dress while keeping it attached to your body.

Bra vs. Braless—be honest with yourself. There is a fine line between sexy and sloppy. This is a very complicated equation that involves mass, volume and vibrational quantities. In short—make sure the girls are where they are supposed to be and there is no flopping around. See a previous post on this issue here and here. Built in support like a seam under the bust or boning is very good. If you decide to wear a strapless bra make sure it is so tight that you never have to tug at it. So unlady like!

Wear comfortable underwear! I used to be a big fan of thongs because they leave no lines. But I really hate the way they creep up and up and up. Picking your wedgie is not cool. This is also a bit of an equation having to do with spherical mass and pi and volume. So—try boy shorts, full coverage bikinis, or Mad Men style. Anything that is comfortable and doesn’t leave a line.   Always black!

Do not wear your best shoes, most precious suit or dress. You want to have fun, not worry about every glass of red wine that comes your way.  You will get spilled on, just accept it.

My favorite cruel shoe tip: If you are wearing painful shoes try taking 2 otc pain relievers before the event.  I like ibuprofen.   Make sure you talk to your doctor about what is best for you.

If there is dancing you must ask your boss and your assistant to dance.  If you can’t, don’t or won’t  dance, you must ask your boss and your assistant to dance.

If the DJ plays YMCA it is your moral obligation to get out there and do it.

Always have a big snack right before the event. Not a dinky piece of fruit with almond butter but something like half a sandwich or a small smoothie. This will fill your stomach enough so you aren’t starving when you get there, it will provide a nice cushion for your first drink or 2 and your stomach won’t expand too much to make a difference in your clothes.  Plus if the food is bad you are covered.

If it’s a huge gathering, use this as a chance to network! Start with a genuine compliment.

Avoid drunk office party shame—know how many you drinks you can have before you start getting sloppy. For me that is 4 in 3 hours. If you are feeling at all emotional about anything do not drink at the office party.  No good can come of crying in front of your colleagues.

Do you need help picking your best holiday wardrobe ever?  I want to help!  Click here to schedule a free appointment and let’s make a plan together!

I’m Carmen Adriana. I help FIERCE individuals rule their world in style! Find out more at or click here to book a free wardrobe strategy appointment with me now!


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