Style Profile: Getting Bly

“You are never going to get tired of your butt looking awesome.”alana

Meet my amazing friend, client, and FIERCE entrepreneur, Alana Bly. Alana was able to spare a hour for me recently and this was the gist of our conversation. We were talking about the pros and cons of buying an expensive pair of jeans. We both agree that a having a rear view you can be proud of is the way to go.

I first met Alana while working on an epic charity fashion show that featured the Pittsburgh Steelers, the NFL, Nike, a 30 person dance troup, and 20 fashion models. She handled her part like a boss and I’ve had a girl crush ever since.
Alana is the co-founder of SocialLadder, a mobile platform for connecting brands with the consumers that that matter most. She spends much of her time traveling to and from the West Coast, New York and Philly. With no such thing as a typical work day, Alana could be meeting an investor in a schmancy building in San Fran, strategizing with her partner at their office in Philly, wooing a client in a coffee shop in New York, or attending an art opening in LA. Her days are packed from the moment she gets up. There is no time for hemming and hawing in front of the closet. For this reason her wardrobe needs to work hard. A single outfit needs to apply to lots of situations and it needs to be flawless. Alana finds that a great pair of jeans, (J brand is her go to), a silk blouse and a pair of Manolo Blahnik BB pumps will work in nearly every situation. We call her look Gypsy Claire Underwood. A single pair of jeans can last for 3 days so packing is simple. Silk blouses travel well, look professional and elegant at the same time. And, well, Manolos. She keeps the color palette super simple—mostly black, white and grey. Jewelry is also simple and classic—a Cartier Love Ring that brings good luck mixed with a few others that remind her of places she’s traveled. Sometimes a statement piece by Subversive Jewelry.  Alana is a bit apologetic–over time this look can feel like a uniform because of its simplicity.  I think it is truly just an effortless look.  And isn’t that what we all kind of strive for?

The thing with Alana is that she hates shopping. So everything she owns must serve a purpose or remind her of something wonderful. She doesn’t like to have an overflowing closet—“it creates confusion and having more things to look at makes [her]uncomfortable”.  Cracking the code on a great go to look is also a way to save time and creative brain space–something busy women everywhere could use!

To try Alana’s look out for yourself here are some ideas:

Jeans—go to the fanciest denim department you can find and try on as many pairs as you have to until you find the perfect pair. If you are using them in a professional capacity make sure they are the inkiest blue or black you can find. Buy 2 pairs. If you don’t have the money, save up until you do. Do not buy any other piece of clothing until you have these jeans. I promise you will not regret this. Here are some favorites that work for my clients.  J Brand  Joes Levis Curve ID DL1961

Silk Blouse— This does not have to be as wallet busting as the jeans. Just make sure it buttons comfortably across your boobs. There is nothing worse than buttony boob gap. Ew.

Manolos—Find the pump that works for you but it should be quality.  No pinching or blisters.  Hurting feet is never elegant or professional.  Extra credit for a bright color—colbalt, hot pink or green!

Do you want help creating your own fabulous look to Rule Your World in Style? I want to help you!  Click this link to schedule a free call!


I’m Carmen Adriana!  I help fierce individuals Rule Their World in Style!  Click here to schedule a free call and see if we are meant to work together! 


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