My Number One Getting Dressed Tip

If one of your resolutions this January is to get more organized then I want to share my number 1 closet secret with you!

 Plan a week’s worth of outfits on Sunday night.

 When I was managing a closet at an ESPN morning show, we would always have about 10 outfits ready to go for each person. Our call time was 5 AM which meant that we were all waking up at around 330. Who can even think about what to wear at 330 in the morning? We planned ahead and were able to get everyone on air on time.

You are more apt to be successful and have a lot less stress in everything if you have a plan—from starting a business to making dinner. Why should approaching your wardrobe be any different? You must get dressed every single day. A lot of people I talk to plan their outfit the night before. This is ok but if you take 15-20 minutes on Sunday, think of all the morning time saved during the week! Time you could be sleeping or eating breakfast or facebooking your outfit of the day. Your bedroom will be nice and neat because Hurricane You won’t have destroyed the closet frantically trying to find something to wear. You will be calm because you know you have at least 5 things to choose from. You will never be late again because you couldn’t find anything to wear!! Doesn’t that feel good?

When I’m doing a closet session with a client I style and photograph as many outfits as possible. All the photos go in to a shared digital file so she can just scroll through them and pick what feels good when she’s planning her week. Before I leave I make sure there are at least 10 outfits ready to go with shoes and jewelry. Here is an example I did for a tv journalist.


To get started on your own:

Get a glass of wine and your calendar and bring it to your closet.

Choose at least 5 outfits for your week that you know and love and put them at the front of your closet. Hang everything together, including shoes and jewelry.

During the week, take a selfie of each outfit and save to a dedicated file on your phone or wherever.

As you add new pieces and make new outfits be sure to selfie. These photos will save your life if you find yourself needing an outfit.

This is a super simple way to save time, get more organized and love your closet!

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