Capsule Collection: Yes or No?

My best friend sent me this article by Joshua Becker this week and asked for my opinion. This was very brave of her since I had just asked her to stop torturing me by sending me photos of her earring collection.  In a nutshell the article details the benefits of wearing the same thing everyday. It is called the Capsule Wardrobe movement, and apparently lots of very successful people are doing it.

In a world with millions of bits of information being thrown at us every second, I can see how this could be attractive to many people. Simplifying your life, saving time and money, reducing your consumption—all good reasons to want to open your closet and see a page from the Container Store catalogue. But I say it’s not the clothes that are making you nuts, it’s the lack of clarity.

 My clients are TV anchors and personalities. The first thing we do before we ever step in a store is get very, very clear. What do you want to project? What are your goals for your on-air career? Whose style do you admire? We come up with a lengthy list and pair it down to 4-5 key ideas. Then we only purchase things that fit into these ideas. Most likely we start with a capsule collection —neutral basics with excellent fit, simple dresses in flattering colors. Each season we build on this keeping in mind what they want to project. The result is a wardrobe where every single piece perfectly expresses their personality.  

 Having a streamlined high quality wardrobe is something I preach and practice but be careful:  A small wardrobe that lacks creativity and self expression is not a good thing.   What you wear is the first thing you say—it is your visual handshake. What are you communicating if you wear the same thing every day?

If you need some help getting clarity in your closet, click here to schedule a free call. We’ll come up with a plan that will have you excited to get dressed every morning!

Much Love and Fabulousness,

Carmen Adriana

ps:  In case you are wondering, I have a relatively small wardrobe for a stylist, a total of about a 1 1/2 six foot closets if both cold and warm weather clothes are hung together. I purchase things with laser focus on how they express my personality as I do for my clients.  My most loved pieces are a vintage lime green Lacoste sheath dress, a pair of Joe’s wide leg jeans.  I wear each of them at least once every 2 weeks weather permitting.  


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