3 Easy Tips for Staying Chic and Warm

Happy Monday!!

I was inspired while working with a client earlier this month and wanted to share. She is the CEO of an organization poised to blast off and came to me for  wardrobe advice. As CEO she has 3 distinct audiences that don’t overlap stylistically: a home office full of millenials, institutions across the country, and boardrooms of billion dollar corporations.  There is also a pair extremely active twin preschoolers.  She hasn’t got time to be fussing in the closet every morning. So, we came up with some ideas that will really help her look great with minimal effort and I thought I would share them with you.

1) Switch up your neutrals. Living in New York City can mean lots and lots of black and grey in your closet. For S, who has black hair and olive complexion, wearing black is harsh, definitely not what she wants to project. Cream is the perfect antidote. It’s neutral, available all year and makes a confident statement without being over the top.

2) Learn to layer. Like me, S is always cold. So when Snowmageddon hits, it’s the worst. A very simple solution is tissue weight layers. A tissue turtleneck is perfectly appropriate under a sleeveless dress or sleeveless silk blouse and doesn’t add bulk. Get them in cotton and they are also breathable. Silk and fine wool are warmer still. Check out this link for some fun ideas.

3) Uniforms. We came up with simple uniforms based on what S. wanted to communicate with each of her audiences. Of course, I love looking to TV characters to inspire wardrobes. Here is what we did: a mix of Phryne Fisher, Elizabeth North and Claire Underwood.

For the office and institutions: Easy pants with silk blouses with flat sneakers or low key shoes.
Phryne FisherScandal
 Phryne Fisher by chimerical4 featuring a white belt        Scandal by wearwhatyouwatch featuring a bow shirt

For the boardroom: Power dresses and killer heels and bags.

Claire Underwood
Claire Underwood style
I’d love to help you find you get inspired to find your perfect style.  Click here to email me and let’s get started! 







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