Love Your Body this Valentine’s Day

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I was having dinner with some friends last week and naturally we got to talking about clothes.

Both of my friends have the same kind of problem—their husbands buy them clothes. It’s not a huge problem—they are both very busy and hate shopping. (Sound familiar? Click here and let’s talk!) The issue is that the clothes the husbands bring home are usually super sexy pieces that my friends would never look at let alone consider wearing—ever.

We got into a discussion of how the husbands don’t know about what looks best on their body type, and how some of the websites are basically soft porn and of course they want their wives to look like that.

But here is the thing—the husband knows your body is not going to magically become Brooklyn Decker’s if you wear that Herve Leger dress. He doesn’t care. He wants to see you in the dress because he thinks you are hot the way you are. He loves you and your body. Woohoo!!

I’ve observed enough to realize that men and women have different views when it comes to women’s clothes. I knew a guy who loved mom jeans because he thought it showed a woman’s waist and hips in full feminine splendor. This is extreme and I’m not sure his wife indulged him but you get the point.

It’s so difficult to look in the mirror and see what others see. We tend to focus on things we don’t like and it’s not fair—to ourselves or our partners. We can spend a lot of time trying to hide a “flaw” instead of showing the world how awesome we are as humans. So this Valentine’s Day, try a different perspective. Ask your partner what he loves about your body and then focus on loving that part too. I’m betting it will be different than what you think.

Much Love and Fabulousness,

Carmen Adriana


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