You can thank my mom!

In case you forgot, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. No need to panic. You can give her the gift of style. Email me here and I will make it easy for you!


Some of my earliest memories are of spending afternoons with my mom in the fabric store. Amongst the fluorescent lights and jungles of fabric there were rows upon rows of giant pattern books. I would climb up on a stool next to her and start turning pages. We’d pick a pattern and off we would go to choose fabric and mom would somehow magically whip it up. One project in particular is of a little girl with a paddle ball wearing a plaid smock. Hey, it was the 70’s! She was standing jauntily with one toe up and loving every second of that game. Naturally I wanted to be just like her so I insisted we make the smock. I spent a lot of time trying to be that girl and her paddle. Looking back this was the moment I realized (in my 3 year old brain) that what you wear could affect how you feel.

As I grew older any time a special occasion would come up we would head to the fabric store. You’d find the two of us heads together over the big books finding the perfect dress to make. Nothing was ever too complicated or intricate for us to tackle. Mom listened to what I wanted and together we figured out how to do it. Corseted mini prom dress with gathered bodice and gimungous removable over skirt? Sure! Satin strapless sheath dress with one huge cascading ruffle growicarmen teal prom.jpegng out of the top? No problem! And you want to do it in white satin with teal trim? Woohoo! I was given the job of cutting out and pinning the pattern, maybe sewing a straight seam. Mom took on the more complicated tasks as well as fixing all of my mistakes. I was always a little outrageous compared to the rest of the school but Mom always encouraged me to be exactly how I wanted to be and wear exactly what I wanted to wear. In this way she taught me confidence, lots of confidence—in my creativity and in myself.

Today, even though we live far apart we are very close. I bring that confidence with me into someone’s closet or on a shopping trip. I try to pass is on to my clients. I tap into that creative energy when I’m solving a fashion problem for someone. This is why I say you can thank my mom. With every single client I work with, every blog post I write, every speaking engagement, every creative project, my Mom has been a part of it and I’m grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s everywhere!


Love and Fabulousness,

Carmen Adriana



I’m Carmen Adriana.  I want to help you (and your mom) Rule Your World in Style!  Email me here to get started or check out for more information!


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