5 Tips for wearing white this summer

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tips on wearing white this summer


In my last few posts you may have noticed that I have a real penchant for white—especially in the summer and especially this season. I’ve received lots of responses. Yes, you love white, too! But as one fan said, “I can’t wear white!! I think I’ll get it dirty and it makes me look fat.” Well, here are a few tips that should help.

  1. If you are a white wearing newbie stay away from white pants.  It is very rare for anyone to look at themselves in a pair of white pants and say –ooohh! I look so thin and willowy!
  2. Fear: White always gets dirty.  Well, yes. White will show more dirt that something that is brown or grey or print. But unless rolling around in the mud is your job good old every day activity will be fine. The key is not to think about it. Read up on Law of Attraction here. I am also giving you permission right now to not be perfectly immaculate. You’ll look so fabulous that your confidence will overpower any little smudge, unless it’s on your boob. Anywayyyy, to help boost your white wearing confidence I love using Scotch Gard. This stuff is like magic. Spray it on according to the directions and become a stain repelling machine. Be sure to patch test first.  If you forgot the scotch guard try Shout Wipes. These have been my favorite thingys for removing everything—from lipstick to baby throwup—since I began my career running talk show closets.
  3. Fear: I’m afraid I’ll look fat.  Ok—it is true that black appears to make you look “smaller” because of nerdy science stuff about the way light refracts in our eyes. But you don’t have to be afraid of wearing white. Find your most flattering piece in your closet. I said most flattering, not most comfortable. (If you don’t know what that is, click here and let’s talk). That is where you should start your great white adventure. Find something in a similar shape in white.
  4. Stay away from silk and other fluttery fabrics. These will just flutter right onto your least favorite body part and stay there forever. Find something with structure and make sure the fit is perfect. If you have something with structure that fits closely but not too tight you will feel confident. A jacket thrown over your shoulders, a button down blouse, a shirt dress, an a line skirt. The structure will help smooth things out and provide a flattering shape. Make sure you are showing a little skin to break it all up.
  5. Still not comfortable in white? Go for an accessory: Nothing say fresh like a giant white bag. It will go with everything in your summer closet too!

Love and Fabulousness,

Carmen Adriana


I’m Carmen Adriana.  I want to help you Rule Your World in Style!  Click here and let’s get started!





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